"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."

 – Henry Ford

For creators

Not everyone is tech-savvy enough to run a verifier, but still want to contribute to the project. NYZO highly encourages building and developing with its fundamentals and ideology. With the cycle fund realizing your ideas and being rewarded was never easier.


You like to write articles, create tutorials or design some graphics? We've created a list of open tasks - just pick a topic you like and apply for it via email. We will get back to you soon!

Get a reward

Submit your publication - the nyzo.io committee will review and discuss your submission. If it goes live you will get a reward. (reward amounts depending on content and quality of your submission)


there are currently ∩39341.272425 out of ∩50000 up for grabs.



  • rewards will be paid in NYZO.
  • rewards will be re-adjusted from time to time, depending on the dollar value of NYZO.
  • a base reward + a reward per word is paid for articles and text tutorials.
    • it’s possible to receive a bonus per word for high quality writings and graphics.
    • if a publication is eligible to receive a bonus is solely up to the nyzo.io committee.
  • a base reward + an individual reward is paid for video tutorials depending on their quality and length.
  • a base reward is paid for graphics.
    • it’s possible to receive a bonus for high quality graphics.
    • if a graphics is eligible to receive a bonus is solely up to the nyzo.io committee.
  • if a publication is going to be published will be decided by the nyzo.io committee.
    • a publication will only be paid if it’s going to be published.
    • unpaid publications won’t be published.
  • paid publications are only allowed to be published by nyzo.io.
    • the author is allowed to add his name and social media profile links to an article or video tutorial.
    • the author is allowed to add a donation address (only NYZO).
  • it’s not allowed to use graphics which violate copyrights. if the author is using stock photos etc., he/she needs to provide the source and license. The license costs can be refunded in NYZO.
  • no affiliate links.
  • there is no guarantee that your publication will be published.
  • you agree with the terms by submitting your publication.
  • we reserve the right to change the terms in the future.


open tasks

Freedom of choice

Pick one of our open tasks from the list below. You can either apply and discuss the contents in more detail via email with us or send your submission right away. It’s completely up to you!


Comparison between different hoster and their pros and cons Mail

base reward ∩100 + ∩0.5 – ∩1.5 per word

Video and text tutorials

How to setup a sentinel
- Installation
- Verifier protection
How to mass deploy verifiers (with userinit script) Mail
How to monitor your verifiers and sentinel
- Nyzeye
- Sentinel Webmonitor
- Analyzing logs in the terminal
How to update a NYZO verifier or sentinel Mail
How to use the NYZO RPC Mail
How to use the NYZO client Mail
How to use pynyzo Mail
How to use nyzocli Mail
Comparing/explaining the different verifier running modes Mail
How to setup and use the Monk Golang verifier/archivenode
- Installation
- Usage
- Running a sentinel
How to use the NYZO mobile and desktop wallet Mail
How to integrate micropay to your website
- Usage of the mircropay chrome extension
- General integration to a website
- Usage of angainor WP plugin for WordPress

video: base reward ∩300 + individual bonus, text: base reward ∩100 + ∩0.5 – ∩1.5 per word


Hoster comparison chart
(should be delivered with the corresponding article)
The “Mesh” – visualize the cycle and the queue mechanism
Animated illustration will give extra bonus.

base reward ∩50 + individual bonus




You have a completely different idea? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to hear your proposal and discuss it with the community.