Proof of Diversity

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NYZO - The highly efficient and fast blockchain that actually works for everyday spending. 100% community controlled and Open Source. is an unofficial Community-Website


Nyzo is 100% community controlled - active paritcipans have a vote and every voice matters.


Fast and scalable: 7-second block duration and support for thousands of transactions per second.

Highly efficient

While most of other Blockchain-Projects need massive amounts of energy, Nyzo is highly efficient, but also secure.

The next-generation Blockchain


Nyzo is not like other crypto-projects you know. It's not a copy or a fork from an existing blockchain or coin - Nyzo is a completly new developed project, built from the scratch - to deliver a simple, flawless, powerful and efficient system.

Want to earn Nyzo? Setup your first Nyzo-Verifier and get part of the mesh. It's cheap and not too hard. Don't worry - We will help you ๐Ÿ˜‰

The future in our hands

Proof of Diversity

A far more fair, safe, efficient and democratic way for distributing decentralized power. Bitcoin showed the way -

Nyzo is improving it.

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