Proof of Diversity

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NYZO - The highly efficient and fast blockchain that actually works for everyday spending. 100% community controlled and Open Source. is an unofficial Community-Website


Nyzo is 100% community controlled - active paritcipans have a vote and every voice matters.


Fast and scalable: 7-second block duration and support for thousands of transactions per second.

Highly efficient

While most of other Blockchain-Projects need massive amounts of energy, Nyzo is highly efficient, but also secure.

The next-generation Blockchain


Nyzo is not like other crypto-projects you know. It's not a copy or a fork from an existing blockchain or coin - Nyzo is a completly new developed project, built from the scratch - to deliver a simple, flawless, powerful and efficient system.

Want to earn Nyzo? Setup your first Nyzo-Verifier and get part of the mesh. It's cheap and not too hard. Don't worry - We will help you 😉

The future in our hands

Proof of Diversity

A far more fair, safe, efficient and democratic way for distributing decentralized power. Bitcoin showed the way -

Nyzo is improving it.

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From our blog

Our first video tutorial got published.

Hey guys! we finally did it – our first video tutorial for setting up a Nyzo Verifier got published. TUTORIAL – How to set up a Nyzo Verifier on Hetzner We’re planning on releasing other tutorials as well – like protecting your verifiers with a Sentinel, managing/upgrading multiple Nyzo Verifiers at once, troubleshooting, monitoring etc.…

Nyzo version 515 got released – Performance improvements.

Today the Nyzo Devs released version 515 of Nyzo, which improves the overall performance of the verifiers by reducing CPU usage. It’s not an necessary update, but the reduction of CPU load is great – we recognized an avaverage reduction of over ~40% (On AWS T3.small instances). v515 affects primarly the Verifiers and not the…

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